June 24, 2017

Goodbye Miss Zoe

This month I am saying goodbye to an amazing young woman and an extraordinary employee.  Goodbyes are typically difficult for me and this one is especially so.

In less than two weeks, Miss Zoe, from our Youth Services Department will bid us sayonara and embark on a life-changing adventure for herself and the community that awaits her upcoming arrival. By the end of summer, Zoe will call Shimokitayama-mura, Japan, her new home as she turns her talents and energies to teaching English to school children there.

I can see her in the classroom, inspiring and delighting every one of them with her quiet magic, infectious smile and gracious demeanor.  If I were a parent of a child in Japan or anywhere else in the world, I would want Zoe to be their teacher and role model.

So, Zoe, as I bid you goodbye, my heart is full of gratitude for all you’ve done for our children, teens and families this past year. And as your supervisor and friend, I offer you some unsolicited advice gleaned from my sixty-one years of life experiences and what I’ve chosen to learn from them:

Be yourself.  In a world that is teeming with people trying hard to look, sound and pretend to be someone else, be who you are. Always.

Trust your gut.  It’s never wrong.

Do the right thing. Work for kindness, justice and inclusiveness.

When people show you who they are, believe them. (Thank you, Maya Angelou, for these words.)

Listen to what people say, but believe what they do. (Thank you, Grandma, for these words.)

Hold on and let go. Dedicate your heart to knowing which to do when.

And finally, as you continue your great work with children, I give you words that have guided me throughout my forty-plus year career.  They come from one of my lifetime mentors – Fred Rogers, from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. He dedicated his life to being an informed, loving, caring, tireless advocate for children, in a world where their unique needs are too frequently disregarded or minimalized. He said, “Anytime a decision needs to be made, please think of the children first.  If you ever have anything to do with their food, their entertainment, their custody, their day or night care, their healthcare, their education … listen to the children.  Learn about them. Learn from them. Think of the children first.”

Happy Trails, Zoe and ganbette-kudasai (good luck)! 

Kathleen Ahern
Children's Librarian

June 21, 2017

Choc! Choc! Chocolate! Tomorrow

Youth ages 12-17 years are invited to bring their sweet tooth and a taste for chocolate games to the library’s Edith Hecht meeting room on Thursday, June 22 from 4:00-5:30 p.m. Door prizes for every attendee! Feel free to bring a friend or two.  

Pre-registration is not required for this free, fun library program.  For more information about this or other upcoming Summer Reading events at Neill Public Library, please visit www.neill-lib.org or contact Youth Services Librarian Kathleen Ahern at (509) 338-3258. 

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services...

by David Sedaris

Available in: Print, Large Print, Audiobook

Sedaris, known for being insightful as well as wickedly funny, has selected his favorite diary entries that have been the basis of some his most entertaining essays.   For the first time in print, these poignant and witty selections trace Sedaris’ rise from his drug-addled 20s through his early achievement as a writer and commentator on National Public Radio.  For fans of Sedaris’ work, this volume proves to be as intimate and hilarious as one would expect from this author.

by Tim Harford
Available in: Print

Harford’s newest book celebrates the benefits that messiness can have in our lives.  Drawing on extensive research, the author makes the case that qualities such as creativity, responsiveness, resilience often result from the clutter, mess, and disorder that generate them.  Messy is a provocative examination of the genuine advantages that messiness can have in our lives.

This is What aLibrarian Looks Like
by Kyle Cassidy
Available in: Print

In 2014, Cassidy published an online photo essay as a tribute to librarians and has since photographed and featured over 220 librarians from across the country.  Reminding the reader how important libraries are to communities, the book also includes essays from various writers, journalists, and commentators that challenge stereotypes and highlights the importance of access to information for all.

June 20, 2017

Children's Wednesday Club Kicks-off Tomorrow!

Children who just finished grades K-5 are invited to Neill Public Library’s Wednesday Club Program. Enjoy great books and related hands-on activities. Great door prizes too! Join the fun on Wednesday, June 21 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the library’s Edith Hecht meeting room.

Pre-registration is not required.  For more information about this free program or other Summer Reading events and programs, contact Children’s Librarian Kathleen Ahern at kathleen@neill-lib.org or (509) 338-3258. 

It's Not Too Late....

If you missed the amazing Henrik Bothe perform this morning at Neill Public Library, it's not too late to catch his show. He will perform again this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. in the Heritage addition.