March 22, 2017

Check Out These New Books in Youth Services!

Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters
by Jane Yolen

Monster like to do everything from play in the park to riding scooters. But their most favorite activity of all is to romp and stomp, stomp, stomp! Join the monster fun.

by Coleen Salley

Epossumondas and this sweet southern mama are back for another great story that will have readers laughing out loud.  Epossumondas is ready to play possum to stay safe when the Loup-garou is out!

by Rosemary Wells

The kindergartors are back for more classroom adventures.  This time they must find a way to help Harry learn to respect personal space.

March 20, 2017

Neill Public Library Presents A Man Called Ove film screening

Neill Public Library invites the community to a free screening of the Swedish film A Man Called Ove.
This movie is based on Fredrik Backman's internationally bestselling novel. Ove has been forced to retire, lost his wife, and is the quintessential angry old man next door. When a new family moves in, he's ready for battle, but events lead to unexpected friendships and reflections on the important things in life.
Swedish language with English subtitles.
This free event takes place Thursday, March 23 at 6:00pm in the Neill Public Library Hecht Room.
The event is free to the public and requires no registration, but please note seating is limited.  Light refreshments will be served.

March 16, 2017

Sasquatch: Man-Ape or Myth?

Throughout the Northwest, people have been reporting encounters with the Sasquatch—a hairy, eight- to ten-foot-tall hominid—for hundreds of years. Yet aside from a collection of large footprint casts and a sizable assemblage of eyewitness accounts, some attributable to the earliest humans in the Northwest, no scientifically accepted evidence has been offered to establish this being’s existence.

Author David George Gordon evaluates the data gathered about the legendary Northwest icon, discusses the rules of critical thinking and the workings of the scientific method, and explains how one can become an effective “citizen scientist” by gathering credible evidence that can be used to substantiate the Sasquatch’s status as either Man-Ape or Myth. Attendees are encouraged to tell their tales and share their experiences with this mysterious creature.

Neill Public Library and Humanities Washington invite the community to an engaging conversation on about Sasquatch, the mysterious and iconic Northwest creature. This free event takes place Tuesday, March 21, at 6 pm in the Hecht Room, Neill Public Library, 210 N Grand Ave.
For more information, contact Dan Owens at, 509-338-3251
The event requires no registration, but please note seating is limited.  Light refreshments will be served.

March 15, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services!

by Amor Towles
Available in: Print, eBook, eAudio, CD

Amor Towles latest novel elegantly captures early-twentieth century Russian life while also providing subtle social commentary about the larger world and the true and lasting qualities of humanity.   Funny and absorbing with a full cast of colorful characters and stylish prose, A Gentleman in Moscow adds up to a mannered and pleasant novel that aims to charm while also providing insight into way of life that is less about privilege and wealth than generosity and love. 

by Neil Gaiman
Available in: Print

Neil Gaiman’s newest book, Norse Mythology, is a witty and lively rendition of classic stories about the Norse pantheon—populated by Thor, Odin, Freya, and Loki (among others).  Gaiman’s novelistic recitation of Norse myths is a more modern storyline that spans from creation to the apocalypse, Ragnarok, and whose stories range from the absurdly funny to the more serious depictions of the underworld.  This novel is a fantastic introduction to the Norse mythos that is both entertaining and engaging.

by Emily Ruskovich
Available in: Print

Set in northern Idaho, Emily Ruskovich’s debut novel is one of the rare instances in which beautifully written prose combines with a stunning page-turner.  Told from multiple perspectives, Idaho intertwines an evocative story of one family with a beautiful homage to the physical landscape, resulting in a psychologically astute book that is a haunting observance of compassion and the triumphs of love.

March 11, 2017

Library Volunteers Make a World of Difference

Library volunteers, this one’s for you.  Last year 65 wonderful library volunteers donated over 2,000 hours and $58,000 to enhance Neill Public Library’s services.  It takes many volunteers to help a library thrive.  Volunteers include Friends of Neill Public Library, Library Board of Trustees, and Library Special Project Volunteers. 

At the center of library volunteerism is a celebration of lifelong learning.  Volunteer activities reflect this.  Volunteers assemble literacy packets for each child born at Pullman Regional Hospital.  These packets include a free book and first library card.  Children entering kindergarten with the Pullman School District receive a free book and a warm smile from volunteers to mark this momentous day.  Volunteers deliver books to homebound seniors at four local resident centers.  One senior recently expressed her gratitude for this service, remarking that “arm chair travelling through books” took her places her legs no longer could, while still keeping her mind active.  Volunteers represent the library at community events like Family Fair and Lentil Festival.  They are our library ambassadors, taking the library to the people while championing a love of learning for all.

Volunteers run our English as a Second Language conversation classes, building bridges and fostering friendships across cultures and they work at the library’s Summer Reading Help Desk to help patrons register for this flagship reading program.  Volunteers keep our magazines and newspapers organized, repair books, help keep the library tidy, and serve on the library’s advisory and governing boards providing critical feedback and administrative direction to staff. One volunteer is helping the library document its history from humble beginnings in the Greystone Presbyterian Church in 1922 to its present location today.

Last year, Neill Public Library received $58,000 from the volunteer run organization, Friends of Neill Public Library.  Funding came from membership renewals, endowments, and gifts received in memory and celebration of loved ones.  With this funding, the library was able to purchase hundreds of new titles for patrons of all ages to read, view, and use to make sense of the world around them.  This funding also made possible computer classes for seniors and numerous literacy-based community enrichment programs.  Lifelong learning at its best.

Volunteers are the heart of our library and make Neill Public Library a treasured community resource.  On behalf of staff, I salute our volunteers and thank you for your generosity and all that you do.  And we have a special surprise.  Staff is busy planning a fun-filled event on April 22 to honor your many contributions so watch your mail for an invitation. It is a small but fitting gesture to let you know that you make a world of difference to Neill Public Library and our library community.  Thank you.
Joanna Bailey, Director, Neill Public Library