November 22, 2015


Neill Public Library will be closed from Wednesday, November 25th through Sunday, November 29th.

You can visit the library via our website at 
where you can view the catalog, check out electronic resources, use the library databases, request an item and view your account. No materials will be due at this time, but if you wish to return materials you may do so using the book drop at the North entrance of the library. 

We will reopen at 1:00 P.m. on Monday, November 30, 2015.

November 20, 2015

Universal Children's Day

You’ve heard so many people say it: children are the future. Today’s children are tomorrow’s movers and shakers. They will be the future teachers, doctors, politicians, and librarians. Today’s children will inherit all of the earth and all that humanity has created on the earth, whether good or bad.  So today we celebrate the children with Universal Children's Day. It is a day for children to enjoy being a child, and not worry about the responsibilities that await them as adults.

If you have children, this day would be great to spend with them, doing something both fun and educational, that the whole family can enjoy. How will you celebrate?  Perhaps you would like to create or craft something with your child, read or listen to a book or watch a great children's movie. Neill Public Library has the materials to help discover and share the world with your child.

There are hundreds of things to create               or craft, and these books will help: The Children's Step by Step Cookbook by Wilkes, Making Fleece Crafts by Sadler or The Amazing Book of Paper Boats by Roberts. Or try one of the over 5000 books in our Youth Services Collection and read to your child today! From Aladdin to Yu-gi-oh!, and everything in between, we have many children's movies, both animated and live action, to watch with your entire family. Though not always noticed, most of the current animated movies are not just about colorful animation and lively songs—they teach children important life lessons about friendship, loyalty, compassion, common sense and love. So talk about the movie with your son or daughter.

And remember, let's let our kids be kids! Celebrate all children today, on Universal Children's Day!

November 18, 2015

Neill Library Gratitude Stop

During the month of November, we pause to contemplate the sources of gratitude in our lives. Neill Public Library is giving patrons and staff an outlet to express that gratitude in a public setting.  Visit our "Gratitude Stop" and tell us; What are you grateful for?

For more information on the Gratitude Stop, visit the website Come down to Neill Library and express your gratitude!

November 15, 2015

Poverty Awareness Week – Neill Public Library Events

Neill Library joins WSU during Poverty Awareness Week November 15 – 21 to raise awareness about poverty issues in our community.  Library events include a month-long display and special movie night showing of the documentary “A Place at the Table”.  Following the film, representatives from the Pullman Poverty Awareness Taskforce will lead a panel discussion.

Display “Poverty Awareness on the Palouse”, November 2 – 23
This display focuses on the various aspects and effects of poverty in our community, from food insecurity to housing to medical needs, and offers information about local resources and ways to provide assistance.  Sponsors include Neill Public Library, GIESORC, CCE and Backyard Harvest

Movie & panel discussion “A Place at the Table”, November 19 from 5:30 – 7:30pm, Library Hecht Meeting Room
Food insecurity is a problem in America with 50 million Americans grappling with this issue. Learn more about food insecurity and what you can do to help locally.  Panelists will discuss how their organizations work towards creating a more food secure community on the Palouse.  Refreshments will be served.

Visit for a complete list of WSU and community events and sponsors and important information about poverty.

November 14, 2015

From Soup to Nuts, Your Library Has It All!

My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful visit with our three daughters, two sons-in-law, two granddaughters and just-turned-one-year-old-grandson. With each passing day, time seemed to fall faster and faster through the vacation hourglass. So we made a conscious effort to stay present and savor each moment.

And there were many moments. We read aloud countless books, took leisurely walks, looked at old family photos and took many new videos as well.  And of course, we ate - like kings and queens from morning until almost bedtime every single day.

Whenever our family gathers, there is always an abundance of food with an ever-eclectic variety of choices. Our clan includes die hard carnivores, passionate vegans, gluten-free nibblers and all-out dessert lovers.  And yet, somehow, it all works, and deliciously so.

At any given meal one could find biscuits and gravy, fresh salad, spinach and blueberry smoothies, homemade guacamole, the soup de jour, all followed by roasted s'mores on the patio. Never-ending family feasts.

And despite my intent to stay in complete vacation mode, I have to admit my mind did meander down the work-path a time or two.  The first time was when I was enjoying a spicy bowl of dynamic southwest chili our oldest daughter made.  The second time was when I was head over heels in taste bud heaven when our youngest daughter presented us with her wildly sublime pumpkin curry stew. 

One might question the connection between bowls of delicious soups and the public library, but to me it was pretty apparent.  First, each soup was teeming with unique goodness, just as every public library has its own individual approach, style and staff. And although our daughters' two soups were as different in taste and texture as culinarily possible, both were equally warm, filling and incredibly delicious. So too, all public libraries share a common vision to provide free, open, nonjudgmental access to materials and services.

I also observed how each of our family members approached and enjoyed their respective bowls of soup.  Some of us kept it plain and savored each spoonful of simple goodness, just as it was. Others took tidbit offerings on the table - from toasted garlic croutons to dollops of sour cream - and made our bowls sing with variety. 

The same can be said for one's approach to the public library and all it has to offer.  You can keep it pretty traditional and check out great books and maybe a movie or documentary to enjoy.  Others might prefer to dig a bit deeper across the table of library offerings and download books to listen to or come to a sewing class or an enlightening program with a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

The great thing is that the choices are yours and you can always decide how you want to access and enjoy your public library. And all of us at Neill Public Library are ever-ready to assist you - in person, on the phone or online.  We'll help you find just what you want, or need, and also let you know about some new things on the library's ever-changing menu.  We're ready, willing and happy to serve you - no bowls, spoons (or money) needed. So bring your appetite for information, recreation and education. There’s  a veritable feast ready for you to explore and savor. Enjoy!

Kathleen Ahern
Children's Librarian