January 19, 2017

Community Meeting to Discuss Bus Stop Enhancement Pilot Project

Please attend a community-wide meeting to discuss ideas and scope for a bus stop enhancement pilot project.  The mission of this meeting will be to gather feedback regarding location, function, design and funding for the pilot location.

This project represents a collaborative effort between the City of Pullman and WSU faculty and students.  The meeting is at 5:30 PM on January 26 at Neill Public Library, 210 N. Grand Avenue. Please come and bring a friend. Refreshments provided.

For more information, contact Wayne Thompson at Pullman Transit, 509-338-3248.

Serving Community Transportation Needs Since 1979

Joanna Bailey
Director, Neill Public Library

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services!

by Mark Frost
Available in: Print

Written by television series co-creator Mark Frost with all the creepy weirdness of the original show, The Secret History of Twin Peaks is a collection of documents (including newspaper clippings, book excerpts, and classified FBI files) compiled by an individual known as the Archivist. Readers get the sense that the mysterious identity of the Archivist is a character well known to fans, which drives the narrative of the novel. Mark Frost does a remarkable job of intertwining real world events into the history of the town and this novel is a great multimedia experience for fans of Twin Peaks.

by Nicholas Sparks
Available in: Print, Audiobook, eBook, eAudio

In his 20th novel, Nicholas Sparks continues to demonstrate that he has mastered the art of love in a world of broken relationships.  Two by Two focuses on Russell Green, who seems to be living a dream life with a wonderful career and a great family.  However, the reader finds that not everything is as it appears and Russell must suddenly navigate the world as a single dad raising a young daughter. Sparks’ latest novel is a tumultuous story of love and tenderness, examining unconditional love in a life that does not quite go as planned. 

by Drew Magary
Available in: Print

Drew Magary’s newest novel, The Hike, is a fantasy saga that weaves together features of folk tales and video games into an unforgettable odyssey of a family man trying to make his way back home.  The Hike follows Ben after he inadvertently wanders into a parallel universe while taking a hike in rural Pennsylvania while on a business trip.  Ben encounters some of the most unexpected forms, including a wicked crustacean and a variety of magical objects, tools, and potions.  Magary’s writing is hilariously funny, heartfelt, and soul-searching and is a triumphant work of contemporary fantasy.  

January 11, 2017

Cybersecurity Essentials 2017

Neill Public Library Presents Cybersecurity Essentials 2017 with NOAA expert Michael J. McCully
Neill Public Library invites the community to Cybersecurity Essentials 2017, a program full of practical cybersecurity tips for work and home that everyone should know.  Attendees will learn about defending against identity theft and “phishing” attacks, how to safely browse the internet, making secure online purchases, securing social media, and much more.
This free event takes place Tuesday, January 17 at 5:30pm in the Neill Public Library Hecht Room.
The event is free to the public and requires no registration, but please note seating is limited.  Light refreshments will be served.
About the presenter:
Michael J. McCully is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Certified Ethical Hacker. He is also an Information Systems Security Officer at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Check Out These New Books in Youth Services!

WhereYou’ll Find Me
by Natasha Friend

It’s hard being thirteen and Collette has more difficulties than she’d like.  A girl-band talent show opportunity helps her feel hopeless and more okay in almost every way.

by Donna Cooner

Torrey Grey comes to realize that being famous on the internet can have devastating consequences.

by Cammie McGovern

Sometimes good can come from bad. It’s a matter of figuring out what to do and then doing it – not a simple thing for Emily and Lucas.

January 07, 2017

Telling a Good Story

Seen a great movie lately?  Likely, that movie was based on a book.  Books and movies are both terrific formats for telling a good story. However, even the best books have their content cut and modified when their story is turned into a movie.  Producers and directors try to capture and convey the story’s essence, but inevitably important details and nuances end up on the production room cutting floor as Hollywood takes creative liberties and attempts to work within a budget. A book, on the other hand, delivers what a movie cannot, the full story as it was originally written, coming to life as only you can imagine it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love movies.  Seeing an author or playwright’s words brought to life on the big screen in a big way is very entertaining and can also be quite meaningful.  Throw in a spectacular musical score and I’m hooked.  Movies can be time saving.  Watching a story in 90 minutes instead of reading or listening to it over the course of three weeks definitely has its appeal when time is short.  Still, after all these years, I have yet to see a movie that has ever met or exceeded my reading experience of the same title.  All too often, when the lights come back on, I’m the curmudgeon muttering, “the book was better”.

Why is that?  Reading or listening to a book encourages imagination and creative thought.  Unfettered by Hollywood, we are free to create our own movie in our own mind, without concern for budgets and other practical limitations.  As the tale unfolds, our own life story colors and shapes how we interpret and breathe life into the author’s words.  Because of this, no two readers will have the same literary journey with the same title.  That’s the magic of imagination and individuality.  Movies, on the other hand, show us someone else’s imagination and creativity.  One format is not better than the other, just different. Movies and books can be natural companions.  Two halves of a whole experience, each complimenting the other.

Neill Public Library has plenty of books and movie adaptations of many of the stories made popular in 2016.  For example, if you’re feeling romantic, try Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  If a serious coming of age story is more to your liking, try Indignation by Phillip Roth.  Younger audiences may enjoy the timeless tales of The BFG by Roald Dahl, and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.  Book first, movie second?  Or vice versa?  The choice is yours as the library has both.  Have fun!

Visit us at Neill Public Library to find these book and movie pairings and more.  Now you can visit more often as the eleven open hours lost during the Great Recession have been restored.   The library is now open Monday – Thursday, 9 am to 7pm; and Friday – Saturday, 12pm to 6pm.  This schedule adds five morning, two afternoon, and four evening hours while providing an easier schedule for everyone to remember. 

We have many wonderful stories waiting to be discovered.  And with the newly restored hours, getting your hands on these just got a whole lot easier. 

Joanna Bailey, Director
Neill Public Library