April 18, 2018

New titles from Neill Public Library...

by Shobha Rao

An electrifying debut novel about the extraordinary bond between two girls driven apart by circumstance but relentless in their search for one another. A searing portrait of what feminism looks like in much of the world.

by Chris Bohjalian

A powerful story about the ways an entire life can change in one night: A flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man - and no idea what happened. The Flight Attendant unveils a spellbinding story of memory, of the giddy pleasures of alcohol and the devastating consequences of addiction, and of murder far from home.

by Uzodinma Iweala

Speak No Evil explores what it means to be different in a fundamentally conformist society and how that difference plays out in our inner and outer struggles. It is a novel about the power of words and self-identification, about who gets to speak and who has the power to speak for other people.

April 11, 2018

New Titles from Neill Public Library...

By Shira Lenchewski

FOOD THERAPIST is a refreshingly modern resource that helps us finally un-complicate our relationship with food and our bodies. We can then focus our efforts on making thoughtful, healthy choices, day in and day out, that serve our ultimate goals, whatever they may be.

By Kayleen Schaefer

"Text me when you get home." After nights out together, female friends say this to one another as a way of cementing their love. It's about safety; but more than that, it's about solidarity. Schaefer has put together a completely new sociological perspective on the way we see our friends today.  The end result is a validation of female friendship that's never existed before.

By Sarah McBride

Informative, heartbreaking, and profoundly empowering, Tomorrow Will Be Different is McBride’s story of love and loss and a powerful entry point into the LGBTQ community’s battle for equal rights and what it means to be openly transgender. 

April 04, 2018

New Titles from Neill Public Library...

By Matt Haig

How to Stop Time tells a love story across the ages - about a man lost in time, the woman who could save him, and the lifetimes it can take to learn how to live. It is a bighearted, wildly original novel about losing and finding yourself, the inevitability of change, and how with enough time to learn, we just might find happiness.

By John Hart

The only writer in history to win consecutive Edgar Awards for Best Novel, New York Times bestselling author John Hart returns to the world of his most beloved novel, The Last Child. More than an exploration of friendship, persistence, and forgotten power, The Hush leaves all categories behind, and cements Hart's status as a writer of unique power.

By Alma Katsu

Effortlessly combining the supernatural and the historical, The Hunger is an eerie, thrilling look at the volatility of human nature, pushed to its breaking point.

April 02, 2018

If you would like to see what new items were added to the library's collections during the month of March, follow this link!  Many of the items are still being processed so it can take a while for them to be ready to be checked out, but go ahead and place a hold and you'll be notified when it's ready for you to pick up. Make sure we have a current email and postal address for you.

New downloadable items are added every month as well. Here's the link to the Washington Anytime Library.

April 01, 2018

User Experience Project Update #3

Neill Public Library's user experience project that began in late January in the midst of winter is now starting to reach its spring time fruition (see updates #1 and #2).  With approximately 20 NPL staff members serving on 8 different committees, the process has been focusing on all corners of the library.  Now we are ready to share some early findings and results from some of our projects!

Board Books
We explored arranging the board books in alphabetical order, but concluded that board books are best selected in person- and our board book bins are a popular, user friendly destination for our youngest patrons. So we decided not to make any changes on that front. 

Children’s picture books with CDs
Our “Caterpillar” rack that holds picture books that with accompanying CDs is now organized in alphabetical order, making the perfect book easier to find by both staff and patrons. 

Service Point Data Gathering
Data was collected over several weeks at both the reference and circulation desks to better understand the kinds of questions patrons asked and where.  The data collected confirmed that over 60% of the time, each desk answers questions that pertain specific to their station.  Information collected also demonstrated the improvements around our new reference desk and the benefits of its central location.

Visual Design/Branding
Over a dozen graphic designers in our community generously donated their time, submitting logo and branding proposals. We’ve finalized our selections and look forward to sharing our new logo and color palette with you soon.

Space Use Analysis
We completed hourly scans of the entire library to determine the ways in which the library is used most and when.  The concrete findings are that NPL is a place where patrons come to do things that they often could do at home, but choose to do at the library- things like reading, computer usage, and socializing. This leads us to look at how to better utilize several spaces in the library, and we’re starting to look at some improved seating and computer use options.