March 09, 2012

Welcome, Sarah!

Answering questions is the stock in trade of Neill Public Library’s new Adult Services Librarian, Sarah Morrison. So, to help us get to know her, she answered a few questions about herself.

“I am the Adult Services Librarian. This means I order all the adult-level materials (print and non -print) in the library, and I evaluate any items that are donated or that may need to be removed from the collection. I also provide Reference Service at the Information Desk, and I will soon begin offering adult-level or general programs through the library.

I completed my B.A. in English with teaching preparation from WSU in 2004. I earned my Masters in Library Science from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2007, and I worked for nearly 3 years at the La Porte County Public Library in La Porte, Indiana. While at IU, I worked simultaneously in the Kinsey Institute Library, the Herman B. Wells Library (both on the IU campus), and at the Monroe County Public Library; I was the User Services Coordinator, Instruction Assistant, and Adult Services Intern, respectively. In La Porte, I was one of the Reference Librarians; I ordered all of the adult-level fiction, all of the young adult materials, provided reference service, and did regular programming.

My family is from western Washington (my parents and my husband’s grandparents all live in Port Orchard), and we consider that “home.” I lived in Pullman before, two years on campus and then three years in town, working at various office jobs before moving to Indiana. My husband and I then spent a year and a half in Bloomington, Indiana, while I was at IU, and then the two-plus years in La Porte, Indiana, while working there.

Not surprisingly, I enjoy reading quite a bit. I am also an avid gardener and have recently turned my hand to knitting and crocheting, which I am surprising myself with. I am also teaching myself the cello, though I am not picking it up with anything approaching speed.

I am very passionate about CHINS (CHildren In Need of Services). We adopted our son out of the foster care system, and our experiences have left us with very strong feelings.

My husband and I have been married eight years this July. You could say we were high school sweethearts; I have known him over half my life already. Christmas 2009 we began providing foster care for our son—he was just over three at the time and we were his fourth foster placement—and we were able to complete the adoption on December 27, 2010. My husband and I haven’t had much time for outside interests since he came to us, as we both are employed full-time and parent every moment we aren’t at work.

The last time I lived in Pullman, I could not imagine doing what I do today, at work or at home. Everything since 2005 has kind of been a surprise, but I’m really pleased with how it’s all come down."

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