May 12, 2012

Mark that date!

Reminders, reminders.  A note scribbled on a scrap of paper.  A circle on my calendar.  An email message to myself to “be sure to …” Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, appointments, meetings and so much more. To quote one of my favorite Saturday Night Live characters, Miss Roseanne Roseannadanna, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”  Indeed!

As I reflect on all the things I need to remember here, there and in the future, I realize I didn’t always need so many jumpstarts to my memory battery.  Maybe my cables are wearing thin due to the seemingly constant amount of incoming information, information, information.  And perhaps my fifty-six years of being has also contributed to my ever-growing need for mental retention support.  Whatever the reason(s), the reality is that more often than not, I need help.

Yet one upcoming date does not and will not require any reminders on my part. And that memorable date is Tuesday, June 12.  It’s a gotta-be-there date for me and if you have anyone in your home between the ages of birth and seventeen years, it’s a date you will want to remember as well. Why?

June 12 marks the first day of Neill Public Library’s Dreaming Big and Owning the Night Summer Reading Programs for kids and teens. No matter the age, no matter the interest, there will be no shortage of fun programs and events each week, along with the option of staying home, reading (or downloading books) and still getting free books to keep!  So mark the date!

Thanks to the generous support of the Friends of Neill Public Library, some very special folks are headed this way to help make this summer so memorable and fun.  Reptile Man and his menagerie of critters large and small will be at the library, as will comedic juggler Curtis Carlyle, who will keep you in stitches from start to finish. Renowned children’s musician Victor Johnson will be strumming out tunes for everyone and bubble illusionist Jarom Watts will astound and amaze one and all with his world record breaking talents and tricks. So yup, mark the date!

We’re also planning storytime celebrations with guest readers Mayor Glenn Johnson and members of the Pullman Fire and PoliceDepartments.  Teen volunteers will be devoting their time and energies as well to make sure everyone gets signed up and is eligible to win incredible weekly prizes including great books, t-shirts (and more!) from the Friends of the Library and fabulous local merchant coupons and gift certificates and other in-kind goodies.  It’s a give-away bonanza every single week!  So yup, mark the date!

I plan to be here for every minute of the fun. (All offered free of charge!  Thank you, Friends!) I hope you’ll be here too.  So, tie a string to your finger or go high tech and ask your smart phone to remind you. Whatever it takes.  Remember, it all starts June 12.

P.S.  There’s one more thing – this time for folks ages 18 to 180. Remind yourself to watch for more information in an upcoming Slice column by Neill Library’s own Sarah Morrison, who has a great Adult Summer Reading Program planned and ready for you.   Stay tuned!
by Kathleen Ahern, Children's Librarian
Neill Public Library
published in Moscow-Pullman Daily News 5-12-12

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