July 31, 2012


This evening, beginning at 7:30, there will be a City Council session.  Both Parks and Rec and the Library will make presentations regarding services and budgets, and then there will be an opportunity for public comment.

We've heard it said that Pullman used to fund horse troughs and hitching posts, and that possibly, like those items, the Library's lifetime is over and something the City no longer needs to fund.  We at the library obviously disagree; back in the era of horse troughs, the library was children's books only.  Now, you can find Books on CD, DVDs (even a few Blu-Ray), magazines for all ages, and newspapers from around the world, not to mention materials not just for children, but teens and adults, including Large Print, as well.  No physical card catalogs here: it's online, where you can search from home.  We've tried not just to change with the times, not just keep up with the times, but push the envelope where we can.  Where else can you get live, in person, one-on-one help with your eReader?  Well, you can get it here; I don't think Amazon can offer that.  I'll be the first to say that Google is a wonderful thing and I love it, but I also love free, unlimited access to subscription sites, like Consumer Reports.  You can't Google that.

I hope you'll share your opinions with City Council, either by attending the open public sessions this evening (and upcoming, August 14th), or sending City Council your thoughts online or via post.  Your opinion is valid and valued, and we want it heard, whether you agree with our position or not. 

Finally, I'll plug the library's survey one more time.  We've had over 570 responses so far, an amazing turnout!  We need your input now more than ever.

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