July 02, 2012

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We keep them coming for you!-- more reviews from fellow patrons.  Enjoy!    

This Is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin.  5 stars!  "This book brings to the general public an explanation of how the brain perceives and responds to music and why, from an evolutionary standpoint, music exists and is important to us.  Levitin makes complex musical, psychological, and scientific concepts interesting and easy to understand.  I highly recommend this book."

Not Your Mother's Microwave Cookbook by Beth Hensperger.  5 stars!  "A recent and important approach to microwave cooking.  Hensperger is a respected author of several cookbooks-- it's good to have new and trusted ideas and recipes.  I need to have this in my personal collection."

Endwar by Tom Clancy.  (no rating give.)  "If you don't mind being introduced to new characters while you are well into the book, this book is a nice re4ad.  Clancy does a great job of giving the reader a very broad look at war while still managing to bring everything together in the conclusion."

25 Things to Say to the Interviewer by Dexter Hawk.  3 out of 5.  "Interesting book, but given that I've been in the work force for some time, wasn't anything really new.  Good review though, particularly since it's been several years since I last interviewed."

Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan.  5 stars!  "I loved this book!  So did my children.  We are homeschoolers and so is the Applewhite family-- so that was fun for us.  I heard my children laughing as they read and I laughed too!  This book was recommended to me by another homeschooling Mom.  With humor the book explores education with some ground rules but also with freedom for children to direct their learning.  It was pure fun-- one of my children read all but 18 pages in 1 sitting!"

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir.  4 out of 5.  "This is a novel accounting the life of and circumstances surrounding Lady Jane Grey, cousin to Edward, Mary and Elizabeth (Henry VIII's children) and nine-day queen of England.  The author is an expert on 15th and 16th Century English royal history and has published numerous nonfiction and fictional accounts of this period.  The novel is refreshingly historically accurate while still engaging."

Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck.  4 out of 5.  "I learned some useful things from this book about nutrition that supports fertility.  I didn't like the author's tone which came across as justified and bossy despite having very little personal experience on the subject."

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.  3.5 out of 5.  "This light and pleasant novel is about people coming to terms with their 'gifts.'  I recommend it for people interested in The South and Sisterhood."

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