August 21, 2012

Book a Librarian!

You know we're always happy to help you at the Information Desk.  We field everything from 20-second questions ("Can I borrow a pencil?") to interactions that last 20 minutes or more.  For those longer questions, we'd like to let you know about a service you might not have tried before: Book a Librarian.  If you know your question is a little bit more involved ("How do I download library books to my Kindle?" "Does Microsoft Word have a resume template?" "How can I search for books more effectively?"), you can make an appointment to meet one-on-one with a member of library staff.  

Call, email, or stop by the Information Desk to schedule an appointment.  You'll get 25 minutes with a member of library staff to work on the research or information need of your choice.  You can even find your librarians in the catalog: search "reference librarian" and take a look at the records for Reference Librarian Carrie, Lori, or Sarah.  (You can't place your hold or make your appointment from there, but we're getting a real kick out of seeing our names in the catalog!)

Call 509-338-3254, email us, or ask at the Information Desk in the library.  Please plan ahead, as we may not always be able to schedule an appointment for the next 48-72 hours.  Appointments may be anytime inside our regular open hours and are dependent on staff availability.  

We are always happy to help you at the Information Desk, no matter how involved your question, but if you know you would benefit from some one-on-one time, give us a call or come on down.

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