August 27, 2012

Heya, Katie!

We've had to say goodbye to some people recently.  It still makes us sad.  So instead of dwelling on it, let's introduce some of our newer staff!  While other departments in the library are understaffed, true, Circulation and Shelving-- those backbones of library service and operations-- are fully staffed.   Huzzah!

Katie started here way back in April, so by now she should be a familiar face to many of our patrons.  Her title is Library Support Assistant: Circulation; this means she works at the Circulation desk, where her primary duties include checking books out to patrons, helping people with their library cards, checking books in, and helping people with locker boxes, book club kits, holds, DVDs, manga, and more. Circulation staff are the face of the library to most of our patrons, and Katie's face always has a smile.

When I asked to include her on the blog, she wrote a short note to introduce herself (below).  If you haven't made a point of saying hi to Katie yet, go ahead the next time you are here.  She is a great addition to the NPL team!

[Katie's note:]

My name is Katie DeFord and I'm currently a new face at Neill Public Library behind the Circulation desk.

I grew up in Kennewick, Washington and graduated from Kennewick High School in 2007. GO LIONS!!

My husband and I have been happily married for five years in June 2012. We have had many amazing adventures that make up a fun long story, and as our adventure continues, it has brought us here to Pullman.
I am an avid crocheter and can always be found with yarn and a hook within reach. I also enjoy being outside and playing tennis. A few of my favorite authors are; Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin and many many others.

Thanks, Katie, for introducing yourself and for all great work here at NPL!  What a great team!

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