October 17, 2012

Youth Summer Reading Program numbers.

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Juggler Curtis Carlyle
gets some help.
Now that fall is making its presence felt, it seems like July was years ago.  We would, however, like to share some statistics from our Youth Summer Reading Program.  It always takes a while to compile all these statistics: with over 1300 youth participating in the program that's a lot of entry slips to count.  

2012 Summer Reading Statistics:

1318 youth registered for the Summer Reading Program-- that's birth through teens.  857 (65%) were girls, 461 (35%) were boys. 

Completion (defined as turning in one full log for one free book or gift certificate) was at 69% (913 individuals).  The number of participants who went on to complete a second entry was 486 (that's 53% of the 913 who completed the first log-- not bad at all!-- and 37% of the total 1318).  That means 455 youth under 12 earned 2 free books and 31 teens were entered into the drawing for the iPod.  Great participation! 
Our Grand Prize winner (with her mom
and Miss Kathleen)!

AGE BREAKDOWNS... because librarians love charts.  It's true.

Age --  #Reg/Completed  --  % Completed
0-2 yrs  --  200/168  --  84%          
3-5 yrs  --  359/273  --  76%
Elementary ages  --  680/473  --  70%
Middle and High School  --  79/36  --  46%

41 individual programs were offered as part of the Summer Reading Program.  Total Attendance at these programs: 3,050!

Fire Chief Scott LaVielle
A number of programs were offered on a weekly basis:  Books and Babies (ages 0-24 months); Mother Goose Time (ages 0-24 months); Time for Two’s (ages 2-3 years); Preschool Storytime (ages 3-4 years), which included guest readings by the Fire Department, Police officers, and Mayor Johnson; and programs for Daycare Elementary groups.  Additionally, Elementary Programs were offered twice weekly.  There were 4 "Big Friday" performances, including Victor Johnson, bubble illusionist Jarom Watts, comedic juggler Curtis Carlyle, and Reptile Man and his animals.

Four events over the summer were offered to our 43 RADICAL teen volunteers.  These trained teens collectively donated 304.75 hours of work to support the Summer Reading Program!
Mayor Johnson reads a big book.

SRP Comparative Statistics  
So how did this year's SRP compare to previous years?  We weren't able to hold as many programs as in previous years-- the programs got a late start because the last day for the public schools was pushed back due to snow days-- and the numbers reflect that.  Both registration and completion were up from 2011, though, quite a bit.

Year / Registered / Completed / Programs / Attendance

2012  --  1318  --  913 (69%)  --  41  --  3,050
                             486 total 2nd
                             455 2nd book
Jarom Watts makes a very big bubble.
                             31 teens iPod

2011  --  1181  --  827 (70%)  --  49  --  3,026
                             466 total 2nd
                             426 2nd book
                             40 teens iPod

2010  --  1331  --  945 (71%)  --  58  --  4,097
                             412 total 2nd 
                             362   2nd book
                             50 teens iPod

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