November 27, 2013

No books? No problem!

The library is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and you forgot to check out materials.  Whatever can you do?  Not to worry!  If you've got your library card number, you've got access to fantastic online materials to keep you engaged until we open again on Monday (at 1pm).

1.  Downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks from OverDrive.  If you've never tried our downloadable service before but you're becoming desperate for something to read, may I suggest now is the perfect time to try!  If you've got a tablet or smart phone of any sort, pop into your app store and get the OverDrive Media Console app for free.  Otherwise, on your desktop or laptop computer, follow the steps to get started downloading books (you'll need some free software to get started).  For step-by-step instructions for your specific device, start at the OverDrive Help page and choose your computer or mobile device.  You'll be able to search by title or author, or browse by preferred genre and format, with access to a huge collection of materials shared by nearly 40 public libraries in Washington State.

2.  Use NPL's Library Databases to read periodical and newspaper content online:
  • Click on Consumer Reports to get instant search-able access to that publication's great content; look up products you're interested in before heading out for holiday gift shopping. 
  • Open eLibrary and click on the "Publications" tab to choose from a wide array of newspapers, including the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, along with dozens more from around the U.S. and around the world.  Many of these great papers offer same- or next-day access to all the articles and content, and it's entirely free through the database!
  • Choose National Geographic Virtual Library for instant access to every National Geographic article, from 1888 through this month's issue.  Search by topic or browse by date; you can even print out the articles for convenient reading.
  • Additional news resources are available through the ProQuest Research Library, including the New York Times and a long list of Pacific Northwest and West Coast news sources from a number of states.  As before, most newspapers offer full-text, same-day access through the database.
3.  Head over to Mango Languages to take advantage of the growing foreign-film collection.  Mango Premier offers foreign films you can stream right to your computer.  Choose to watch the films in their original languages, or with subtitles available in both English and the movie's original language.

4.  Pull up Tumblebooks, the library's online collection of animated picture books and chapter books.  Children can read on their own or have stories read to them, plus play games and do puzzles, all through this great electronic resource.  Search by title or author, or browse among picture books, chapter books, nonfiction books, and graphic novels.

All of this online content is free with your library card.  You couldn't even find a better bargain on Black Friday!

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