December 26, 2013

New Titles for Your New Device

Did you get a shiny new toy this gift-giving holiday season?  Whether it's an eReader, Tablet, laptop, or smartphone, remember that you can fill it up with (free!) eBooks and eAudiobooks downloaded through the Library.  You just need your library card to access thousands (and thousands!) of downloadable titles available through OverDrive!  That new toy can hold 1,500 titles; no reason you should pay for all (or any!) of them.

To get started, start at OverDrive's Help page and choose your device family (under "Get Started With...").  It will walk you through the steps to get free downloadable library books onto your new toy!

If your new piece of technology is inducing fits of rage rather than fits of rapture, relax.  Take a deep breath and call your librarian.  We'll set up an appointment for you to meet one-on-one with a library staff member who can explain how that thing works.  We can't set it up for your, but we can help you find resources for any errors or problems you may be having, and we'll help you get ready to download library eBooks as a bonus!

The library reopens tomorrow at 1pm as usual.

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