January 13, 2014

Digital Literacy and Microsoft IT Academy

Have you tried our Digital Literacy or Microsoft IT Academy courses yet?  These free self-paced computer training sessions are available anywhere you have internet and any time of day-- whether the library is open or not.

For Digital Literacy, click here to get started right away.  You will be able to immediately start learning about basic computer skills-- computer security, privacy, the basics of word processing and spreadsheets, email, website navigation, even basics about digital tools like smart phones and digital cameras!  These courses are available in a wide variety of languages and are made for you to learn at your own pace.

For more advanced users, click here for information on how to get started with the Microsoft IT Academy.  The instructions under "Improve Your Computer Skills with IT Academy" will walk you through the registration, and then you can jump in to hundreds of courses, from mastering the more basic elements of Word and Excel to SQL, Virtualization, and other advanced topics. 

If at any time you need help with any aspect of Digital Literacy or Microsoft IT Academy, ask at the Information Desk, or set up a Book a Librarian appointment with a staff member.

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