February 03, 2014

Food for Fines

Today is the first day of Food for Fines!  Please see the list below for accepted items.  For every bag of items you bring in, we will waive up to $10 in overdue fines from your library account!

Food and personal/household items will benefit the Community Action Center, the Pullman Food Bank, and Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse.

Food items:
Pasta, Rice, Mac & Cheese, Beans
Canned Soups, Chili, Pork   & Beans
Canned Tuna, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables & Tomato Products
Cereal, Oatmeal, Baby Food & Formula
Non-Food Items:
Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Paper Plates, Napkins,  & Paper/Plastic Cups
Dish Soap/Laundry Detergent
Baby Diapers & Wipes
Hair Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Ties 
New Women’s & Childrens Underwear & Socks and Women’s Sports Bras (all sizes)
Other Toiletries
New and Gently Used Items:
Old Cell Phones, Trac Phones & Trac Minutes
Pots, Pans, and Fans
Juice Pitchers, Cereal Bowls & Tupperware
Sports Balls

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