February 21, 2014

Start Your Calculators

The library has received several shipments of tax forms, and these are now available to pick up.  We are still waiting to receive a few of the forms ordered, but many of the more commonly-used forms are now available.  Stop by the library to check if the form you need is here!

And did you know you can download the forms and booklets online?  If the form you need isn't one we carry or haven't received yet, you can find this year's forms and documents through the IRS website, along with previous years', and other helpful stuff, like an interactive assistant and help and forms in other languages.

Remember, you can always use the computers at the library to download and print off the forms you need.  The forms can be printed blank, or you can fill them in before printing.  Your library card gets you free computer access, and the Friends of the Library offer printing for 25 cents per page.

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