April 21, 2014

Do you remember the first Earth Day?

Where were you 44 years ago when words like "groovy,” dude,” and "far out" were part of everyday conversation?  If you travel down memory lane those 44 years to April 20, 1970, you would find yourself smack-dab on the very day many folks consider to be the birthdate of the modern environmental movement. This year on April 22, we celebrate this spring demarcation as "Earth Day".  Isn’t it ironic and somewhat sad that we devote just one specific day to the planet on which we all live and depend on for our very existence?  How much better off would we be (let along our planet) if we celebrated Earth Day each and every day?  The answer seems obvious!

So, what can each of us do about the state of our home planet, with the ever- increasing concerns of energy depletion, global warming and growing population?  We can bury our head in the sand - one option.  Or, we can become informed Earth citizens and take action at every opportunity presented to us.

Neill Library is teeming with resources to help us all become better educated about the environmental realities and challenges we face as a global people.  From The Circumference of Home by Kurt Hoelting to World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky, we have books, magazines and newspapers to get information out to those who want and need to know.  We also try and do our part at the library by recycling as much as we possibly can. In addition, we encourage patrons to bring reusable bags to carry home the many items they check out.

Each of us can always learn more and do better. It seems the very best time to start is now!  So visit the library today and celebrate Earth Day every day!
Children's Librarian

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