May 15, 2014

Hooray! It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

About twenty years ago when my youngest niece was 4, she was standing on a stool, apron around her little waist, hands in the bowl in front of her "fishing" for bits when she made a statement wiser than her preschool years.  She said, "Auntie Kathleen, it's always the best time to make chocolate chip cookies, isn't it?"  Now, I realize I am biased toward my sweet pea, Bree Ann, but who can deny those take-'em-outta-the-oven-eat-'em-while-they're-hot words of absolute truth?  She was a flour and egg and chocolate genius.  A cookie philosopher of note, to be sure.   Any day and every day is the best day to make chocolate chip cookies, don’t you agree?

I have a ton of chocolate chip cookie recipes (and tasting memories) to substantiate my agreement.  From whole wheat to unbleached to gluten free, chocolate chip cookies make their way into my life on a pretty regular basis.  How about you?

Even though there are no shortages of recipes in my kitchen, I am always excited to find and try new ones.  I need look no further than the shelves that hold cookbooks at the library.  In library lingo, that means I’m headed to the Dewey area of the 641’s. There are plenty from which to choose!

So, check them out and let me know the (tasty) results.  You can easily find me.  I'm sitting at my computer, trying hard to concentrate on work, while feeling the get-out-the bowl-and-mixer-itch to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day this month.  After thought ... just one day?  I think we should join forces and declare May to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie MONTH.  Care to join me? 
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