June 15, 2014

Dads and dogs

In May we honored mothers and this month we honor fathers and the men in our lives who serve in fatherly roles.  I'm fortunate to have my dear dad but a phone call, email or Skype away.  I sure wish he lived closer, but his home in Los Angeles seems not quite so far when technology helps bridge the distance and mileage gap for us.

My dad has always been and continues to be a most voracious reader. So, each Father's Day I make sure and get some books sent off to him to enjoy.  This year I mailed him Chaser by John Pilley after he told me that he had heard a fascinating report about a dog that knows over one thousand words!  Sure enough, we have the book here at the library.  So I read it and knew my dad would enjoy it as well.  He and his dog Blarney - yes, can you tell we're an Irish family - are each other's best friend, so I know he will relate to the author of this great book who tells his story of training and loving Chaser.

So, if dogs are an important part of your life, be sure to visit us soon. We have books and movies for your canine information and enjoyment. And yes, Happy Father’s Day too!

Children's Librarian

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