July 25, 2014

Books for a Steal!

I freely admit, I absolutely love to read in the sun.  The beach is preferable, but the river, the pool, or my own backyard will also do just as well.  I also acknowledge that my "leak-proof" water bottle has spilled on a few books in its time, and I personally replaced those books so that other patrons would still have access to great titles.

The Solution!:  If you, too, like to enjoy your books out in the sun, we encourage you to check out the hundreds of books available through the Friends of the Library Booksale area inside the library.  For a couple of quarters, you can grab paperbacks or hardcovers, fiction or nonfiction.  Choose from a mix of current, popular materials and more classic titles.  And what's on the shelves turns over constantly, so check regularly!

The Friends' Booksale area is the answer to your seaside (or poolside, or kiddie-poolside) reading needs-- the book is yours and only cost a couple of quarters, so if it gets dripped on by popsicles, dropped in the water, spattered with sunscreen, filled up with sand, left on an airplane, or forgotten at a rest stop, you won't have to worry about damage to a library book.

And, the quarters and dollars from the Friends' Booksale area add up-- and all that money directly supports the library, going to fund additional materials and programs we otherwise wouldn't be able to offer.  We thank the Friends for their amazing support!

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