August 13, 2014

International Lefthanders Day!

This international celebration is just right (I mean, left) for yours truly. Yes, I am a true south paw who has learned to adjust to a primarily right-handed world. There are a few exceptions to the right-handed-ness of things – drive-up bank windows being one. Alas, most of the world assumes and operates from a right-handed perspective.

As a child I had to learn to be adaptive.  Sixty years ago, being left handed was frequently discouraged and seen as “odd.”  My first experiences with such came early on when my first and second grade teachers would not allow me to use my left hand for writing, coloring or cutting.  As a result, I have the worst penmanship in the world and on the plus side, I became pretty ambidextrous. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m pretty messed up when it comes to choosing which hand to use for what!  For example, I use right handed scissors for cutting, but play baseball with my left hand as dominant.  I brush my teeth and hold a fork with my left hand but use my right hand when mixing things in a bowl. Topsy turvy, I am!

Yet, I am not alone! I join the left-handed ranks of several US presidents including Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Julius Caesar, Henry Ford, Queen Victoria of England and Helen Keller were south paws too. It’s pretty fine company to find myself in!  And I can’t forget those un-right-handed authors including H.G. Wells, Peter Benchley and Lewis Carroll.

So whether you’re a right-y or a left-y or somewhere in between, head to the library to get some great books, magazines, DVDs and more! Hand us your library card and we’ll get everything checked out to you to take home and enjoy!
Children's Librarian

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