August 04, 2014

Library Treasure Hunt

If you’re like me, a library – every library – is a treasure.  Whether it’s large or small in size or located in a
city or rural setting, a library is a repository of treasure just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

When most of us think of a library, books immediately come to mind – for good reason.  Books were the earliest “residents” of libraries and remain as the largest single collection of materials for most libraries. Nowadays, libraries are readily associated with free Wi-Fi and downloadable items as well.  And we can’t forget magazines, newspapers, DVDs and music CDs.  So much to enjoy – and all for free!

The next time you’re at Neill Public Library, go a bit deeper as you look for treasure.  Challenge yourself to a library treasure hunt of sorts. See if you can find any or all of the following: the library’s time capsule, two meeting rooms, the Palouse Heritage Collection, the public copy machine, the book club kits, the donation wagon, the Friends of the Library book sale and Heritage Addition.   Need help? Just ask a staff member.  We’re here to help you in any way you can.  Happy Treasure Hunting!

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