October 02, 2014

Library > Google

When is your library better than Google?  Don’t get us wrong: we love Google! This search engine has truly revolutionized the way people look for and find information. The fact that "google" is now an accepted verb shows how important it has become to anyone with a question.  If there's one thing Google returns, it's information.  Lots of information.  Pages.  Reams.  Heaps of information.

But when people need very specific types of information—information that must be reliable—general search engines often don’t deliver the best results. That’s why your library invests in research databases-- collections of information drawn from reliable sources and focused on specific areas of interest.

To see which databases NPL offers, click here to visit our database page. These resources can help you quickly find the most relevant and reliable information. They are designed to be easy to use—in the physical library or from anywhere you have an Internet connection—but you can always ask us for assistance if needed.

Search for a topic, and limit by the type of resource you need, or search within certain publications.  

All of NPL's databases are free to use from home, or ask at the Information Desk for help getting started.

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