November 03, 2014

Today is National Sandwich Day......

November 3 National Sandwich Day

Bring out the slices of bread, along with mayo, mustard, lettuce, cheese or peanut butter and jelly!
There’s no shortage of combinations and possibilities in celebrating National Sandwich Day this month!

My favorite summer sandwich as a kid was a B.L.T.bacon, lettuce and tomato.  It sounds simple, but let me explain.  In the household in which I grew up, all things food and cooking were nothing short of amazing (as I see them now).  We lived on a small hobby farm and grew most everything we ate.  So, my bacon and tomato sandwich meant, my mom made the bread and mayo; the bacon came from our butchered pig and the tomatoes and lettuce were fresh from our burgeoning garden.  Talk about “farm to table” cuisine.  I’ve told my mom she was ahead of her time.  She always laughs and says, “Well, if I was ahead of my time it was because of necessity, not because of style.”  We were a family without much money, but one that had land, many hands and a willingness to work.  And thus, we ate well, all sandwiches included.

So, if you’re interested in building some great sandwiches of your own to enjoy the month, check out some library resources including: Simple Italian Sandwiches by Denton, Beyond Panini, Great Grilled Sandwiches by McAuley and Cool Sandwich Food Art by Tuminelly.  Yum! Yum!  Happy Sandwich Day to you!

Kathleen Ahern
Children's Librarian

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