December 18, 2014

International Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day!

I promise,  I did NOT make this up.  There truly is an INTERNATIONAL acknowledgement of this most "interesting" day. For me, this brings a sense a wondering.  Who thought this up?  And why? And is there a sanitary component or requirement with regard to said plunger?  Let alone, what is one to "do" while sporting a plunger on one's noggin?  So many questions!  So much fun!

Perhaps the sole purpose of this plunger day is to remind us all of the need to smile more often, laugh more deeply and live life a bit more lightly. So if you are ready for some giggles, then check out these outrageously fun books:

Milton Berle's Private Joke File: Over 10,0000 of His Best Gags, Anecdotes, and One-Liners by Berle, Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes About Everything, Including Tongue Twisters, Riddles and More by Musgrave, Plato and Platypus Walk Into a Bar - Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes by Cathcart, Dirty Jokes and Beer Stories of the Unrefined by Carey, Garrison Keillor's Comedy Theater by Keillor and Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road by Cole.

Laugh it up … with or without plunger atop!

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