December 31, 2014

Thank You and See You Again Soon!

As we come to the close of 2014 everyone on the library's staff appreciates your patronage throughout 2014.  Whether you've used our services once or innumerable times, we hope we helped you find what you needed or wanted.    

YOUR public library is a wonderful example of your tax dollars at work.  Where else do you have access to thousands of items, hundreds of programs and a wealth of technology at your fingertips ... all without paying any additional dollars and cents?

As we cross the bridge to 2015, we look forward to continuing to be of service to you.  Not only do we enjoy serving you, we also value and appreciate getting feedback from you.  So let us know what you think, as well as any ideas and suggestions you have.  After all, we work for you.

On behalf of YOUR library staff, Happy New Year!

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