January 10, 2015

Where in the World Do You Want to Go?

We asked you the question, "Where in the world do you want to go?" and you answered us.  One hundred and twenty eight library patrons responded to the question and entered the contest to win a literacy prize pack as part of the Fodors Travel promotion.

So where did our patrons want to go? From Antarctica to Zimbabwe and many locations around the globe. There were some locations that were very popular, and some that were hard to find. Of the most popular destinations Hawaii led the way with 10 overall votes (The Big Island Hawaii - 4, Maui -  3, Oahu - 2, Kauai - 1). Next in popularity were Ireland with 9 votes, France with 8 votes (6 of which were Paris), and Australia and Italy tied with 7 votes each. Of the more difficult to find, Aeroskobing, where one of our patrons was married, Baffin Island, or the Republic of Kiribati. Do you know where these places are located? I didn't, and I'm very good with geography having graduated university with a bachelor's degree in travel management; so let me enlighten you. Aeroskobing is in central Denmark. Baffin Island is located in the Nunavet province of Canada, across the bay from Greenland. The Republic of Kiribati (pronounced KIR-e-bass), is a nation made up of 33 atolls in the South Pacific, which straddles both the equator and the international date line.

Of the 128 entries, 28 of the destinations were in the United States. In addition to the state of  Hawaii, patrons wanted to visit Alaska, Florida (4 votes each), New York City (3 votes), Los Angeles, CA (2 votes) and with one vote each the state of Maryland, our nation's capitol Washington D.C., Portland, OR, Pittsburgh, PA and a fall foliage tour of the New England states. And these are just a few of the many scenic and wonderful locations within our grand nation.

By continent most of our patrons wished to visit Europe (45), followed by North America (31) Asia (19), Australia (7), Africa (5), South America (4), and Antarctica (1). I know, you've done the math and that doesn't add up to 128. That's because there are some locations that don't fall strictly onto one of the continents such as the islands in the South Pacific which make up Oceania, but are not a part of any continent, We also had small patrons with big dreams of visiting McDonalds, Legoland and Outer Space.

I preferred the outdoors as a child so didn't spend much time with books because I loved to go places and travel. Then my third grade teacher Mrs. Bird told me that I could go anyplace I wanted to go by turning the pages of a book. So, no matter where in the world you want to go, Neill Public Library can help. We have a variety of non-fiction books and atlases to help you plan your travels, including 1001 Smart Travel Tips by Fodor and 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up by Frommer and travel guides to help you explore your destination, including Fodors Essential Europe, Lonely Planet Africa, Footprint South American Handbook, Frommer's Washington D.C. and Moon's Canadian Rockies. Neill also has a large collection of fiction books for children, youth and adults, including a large print collection, to take you Around the World in 80 Days by Verne. So come down to the library today and get started on your journey.
Lori C. Lewis
Administrative Assistant

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