February 09, 2015

Do You Remember?

Where were you on Feb 9, 1964?  Something momentous happened that evening that changed the musical landscape of the world.  What was it?  Or should I say, who was it?  Need a hint?  It involved four “long-haired” British lads appearing on a very popular American variety television show.  You got it!  We’re talking about the Beatles! And this year marks the fifty first anniversary of their famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Fifty one years?  Fifty one years! 

From L to R: Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Ed Sullivan, John Lennon,
and Paul McCartney
This first American appearance on February 9, 1964 is considered a watershed moment in pop culture history, drawing an estimated 73 million viewers (including yours truly, as an almost nine-year-old little girl!). It all started there and as they say, the rest is (musical) history!  It would be difficult to find anyone in the world who has not heard of the Beatles.  Like ‘em, love ‘em or leave ‘em alone, one cannot deny the incredible impact they’ve had on millions of us, as a musical group and yes, as individual musicians as well.

So, as you reflect on that memorable performance fifty one years ago tonight, the library can add to your Beatles viewing, listening and viewing pleasure with these and other resources:

Who Were the Beatles by Edgers

The Beatles: Unseen Archives, with photographs by the Daily Mail

The Beatles Were Fab by Krull

Meet the Beatles: A Cultural History of the Band that Shook Youth, Gender and the World by Stark

Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now by Miles

Harrison by the editors of Rolling Stone

101 Amazing Facts About the Beatles by Goldstein

Destination England (DVD)

A Hard Day’s Night (DVD)

All You Need is Love (CD)

Kathleen Ahern
Children's Librarian

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