March 23, 2015


With only 5% of the world’s population, Americans generate more than 40% of the world’s garbage— an average of 7 lbs. per day, per person! Even more terrifying—over 60,000 unstudied chemicals in products we buy, and all of those end up in landfills –seeping into our water supply, thereby our food supply.

Plastics never biodegrade; sunlight eventually breaks it down until plastic dust remains—but the dust persists for centuries, wreaking havoc in ecosystems and food sources.
It’s time to start thinking about our trash—how to reuse it, certainly; more important--how to reduce the amount we create. It helps the environment, but it also saves you money!

Reusing plastic containers instead of Ziploc bags could save you hundreds of dollars per year; switching to cloth rags from paper-towels, saves $80 per year. Cloth diapering instead of “disposables” could save more than a thousand dollars per year – per child!

Check out some of the great resources at your library for more information on the waste we all create, and how to reduce it—along with saving your wallet!          

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