April 26, 2015

National Penguin Day

One might call this day “black and white” or “tuxedo” day in honor of those beloved waddling birds … the penguins!  Who knew they had their very own day? Now we all do.  So, it’s the perfect time to learn more about these aviary wonders.  Here’s some penguin trivia to spark your interest:

  • There are 18 specimen of penguin in the world.
  •  The light front and dark back coloration of classic penguin plumage is called countershading and it provides superb camouflage from above and below to protect penguins in the water.
  • The largest of the penguin species is the emperor, which can weigh up to 90 pounds.
  • The smallest of the penguin species is the fairy, which can weigh only 2 pounds.
  • Depending on the species, a wild penguin can live 15-20 years.

Would you like to learn more? Then check out these library resources:
A Cool Caper by Martha Rustad
Face to Face With Penguins by Yva Momatiuk
A Mother’s Journey by Sandra Markle

An Emperor Lays and Egg by Brenda Guiberson

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