April 01, 2015

No Foolin'

As one of four children, April first was always a big day in our household.  My brothers and sister and I plotted and planned the many wonderful, creative and surprising tricks we could play on each other, our classmates and friends.  We tied siblings shoelaces together, hid socks and said things like, “Do you know your shirt is torn?” and such stuff throughout the day.  It didn’t seem to matter if we were “successful” – it was fun regardless.

Now that my childhood years are long gone, I find myself on the receiving end of little ones’ imaginations.  The tables have indeed turned.  It’s time now for me to play the role of being “tricked” and watching little one’s faces light up, followed by giggles of “gotcha!”

No matter your age, the library has some no-foolin’ good stuff for you!  Where else can a person walk in, pay no fees and have access to over 70,000 items?  From DVDs to books to music, magazines, literacy boxes, book kits and more – we have it for you!  That’s the beauty and service of YOUR public library – No Foolin’! Come visit us today!

Kathleen Ahern
Youth Services Librarian 

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