May 24, 2015

National Salad Month!

Grab your reusable bag and head to your local Farmer’s Market! It’s time to celebrate National Salad Month!  Yum! Yum!

As a person who refrains from eating any meat or dairy, vegetables of all kinds make their way to our family’s plates and tummies!  From a good-old-standard spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrot salad, to a more atypical cabbage, kale, yellow squash, sweet potato and onion salad, I’m good for any and all! 

Not only are they great tasting, they’re downright good for the body as well!  Veggies are packed full of vitamins and essential nutrients. The more fresh the veggies – the higher the nutritional content.  More and more medical research supports that eating green truly makes a difference in the disease-fighting abilities of our bodies.  That’s some pretty good motivation to grab your bowl and folk (and homemade dressing) and chow down!

You can even take it a step further and grow some of your own fresh produce.  Even if you don’t have a spot of dirt outside, you can easily grow tomatoes, peppers and spinach in pots and trays.  And nothing tastes better or feels more rewarding than planting, harvesting and savoring the food one grows themselves!

So, here’s to National Salad Month!  Send your recipes my way!  I truly can’t get enough!  
Kathleen Ahern
Youth Services Librarian

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