May 18, 2015

Never Stop Learning....

In less than a month Pullman Public Schools will be closing their doors until September. But that doesn’t mean that learning stops – or at least I hope not!  And we as adults have a responsibility to the children in our lives to facilitate that ongoing excitement and growth.

I want to be clear here – I am NOT talking about worksheets, flashcards and testing. No way! No how!  NO!  I’m talking about true learning – based on curiosity, enthusiasm and real-world experiences.  And what better place for all of those things to take place than YOUR public library?!
What is your child interested in?  Cars? Cooking? Robots? Dinosaurs? History? Poetry? Camping? Soccer? Bring them to the library and let them explore the books, DVDs and magazines about their interests – and check them out!  There is power and learning that takes place when a child is surrounded by materials they can explore at their own pace and as their curiosity leads them.

Children also learn by example, so be sure and find some things at the library for you too!  Take the pressure off you, take the pressure off your children and head to the library to help support and inspire lifelong learning!
Kathleen Ahern
Youth Services Librarian

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