May 04, 2015

Water, Water, Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink!

As this blog posts I am in the big city of Los Angeles – far from home and far from my small town comfort zone. But, a visit with my papa is what draws me south, to the land of sun and sin, as many call this city of almost 4 million.

While I soak up the sun and try and avoid the sin, I know many a conversation will be had with my dad about the critical water shortage this area is facing.  There are parts of the city and surrounding areas that are already on water rationing schedules.  And it seems like there is much, much more of that to come.

The latest estimates show that if usage continues at its current rate, Los Angeles has ONE YEAR of water in “reserve”.  One year!  One year!  It’s hard to imagine the impact of such a possible reality-to-come.  Let’s hope the powers that be are working hard to see what can be done and let’s equally hope that every single person in and around LA (and elsewhere) are hyper-vigilant about their own water needs and usage.

It’s been said that water is the new oil and the future looks dry and concerning.  So, what can we do in our own lives to help address this life-altering shortage?  It often comes down to the simplest of things – turn off the tap when brushing teeth, take short showers instead of long baths, plant native species that require less moisture and watering – to name but a few.

Water … we can’t live without it.  Nothing can.  If Los Angeles is the wave of the future when it comes to water issues, we must pull our collective heads out of the sand and find big and small ways to address this critical issue. 
Kathleen Ahern
Youth Services Librarian

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