September 21, 2015

Still Time....

Did you grow up hearing the mnemonic device that started, “30 days has September, April, June and November …”?  I can still hear my second grade teacher singing that little rhyme and now, almost 55 years later, I still sing it to myself when trying to determine how long or short a given month is.  And this month … good ole’ September … it’s one with 30 days. 

So how has your month gone so far?  Still things on your to-do list or perhaps, your bucket-list?  No worries – you still have time!   As you make your plans, remember the library can be off assistance to you – with all things small or grandiose.  From planning a trip, to organizing your file cabinet to planning a birthday party to canning those final tomatoes on the vine … we have materials to help make it all possible.  Come visit us today –in person on online!

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