October 25, 2015

International Artists Day!

This week, it’s all about art and the creative folks who make art happen.  “International Artists Day” is celebrated on October 25 this year.  It’s the perfect time to recognize the artist in each of us … especially those among us who would never call ourselves “an artist.”  

Being an artist encompasses so much more than painting or drawing.  Do you sew, knit, bake, grill, dance, write, sing, compose, build …?  Then, you are an artist.  And in the words of one of my most favorite art books for children, entitled “I am an Artist” by Pat Collins … “I am an artist whenever I look closely at the world around me.  And whenever you listen and search and see, you are an artist too”.

Join the celebration today, this week. Recognize your artistry.  Share it with the world!

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