November 12, 2015


The random acts of kindness in this world are a wonderful thing, and today we applaud those random acts as we celebrate World Kindness Day!  

My mother is a widow, and when she lived on her own, she liked to go out to eat, even if that meant going alone.  On two different occasions, in two different restaurants, when she went to pay her bill, she was told that it had already been taken care of for her.  When she first told me this story, I was grateful as she has a limited fixed income, and I know that helped. The second time she told me the story, it inspired me to do something similar for another.  So once a month when we go out to eat, if we see an elderly person eating alone, we will pick up the tab for them.

This is just one of the many random acts of kindness that you can do, and today is the day to do it.  Celebrate World Kindness Day by doing a random act of kindness for another person and inspiring others to do so as well.  It's contagious!

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