November 20, 2015

Universal Children's Day

You’ve heard so many people say it: children are the future. Today’s children are tomorrow’s movers and shakers. They will be the future teachers, doctors, politicians, and librarians. Today’s children will inherit all of the earth and all that humanity has created on the earth, whether good or bad.  So today we celebrate the children with Universal Children's Day. It is a day for children to enjoy being a child, and not worry about the responsibilities that await them as adults.

If you have children, this day would be great to spend with them, doing something both fun and educational, that the whole family can enjoy. How will you celebrate?  Perhaps you would like to create or craft something with your child, read or listen to a book or watch a great children's movie. Neill Public Library has the materials to help discover and share the world with your child.

There are hundreds of things to create               or craft, and these books will help: The Children's Step by Step Cookbook by Wilkes, Making Fleece Crafts by Sadler or The Amazing Book of Paper Boats by Roberts. Or try one of the over 5000 books in our Youth Services Collection and read to your child today! From Aladdin to Yu-gi-oh!, and everything in between, we have many children's movies, both animated and live action, to watch with your entire family. Though not always noticed, most of the current animated movies are not just about colorful animation and lively songs—they teach children important life lessons about friendship, loyalty, compassion, common sense and love. So talk about the movie with your son or daughter.

And remember, let's let our kids be kids! Celebrate all children today, on Universal Children's Day!

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