December 26, 2015

Put the Pleasure Back into Reading!

Put the Pleasure Back into Reading
Joanna Bailey

There is always so much hustle and bustle this time of year.  Holidays have arrived, semesters are ending, and year-end tasks are beginning to pile up.  Everybody is in a hurry and everything moves at a faster pace.  Shoppers rush to and fro, motorists are impatient and distracted, students and professors are numb from exams, and there is always one more thing to do before the sun sets.  Enough.  It’s time to take a break; you’ve earned it.  Grab your slippers and blanket and head to Neill Public Library to unwind. Bring a cup of coffee or tea if you like, sink into a comfy chair, and get ready to discover the magic of a good read.  Imagine the stress melting away with each passing moment.

Neill Public Library has quiet corners, lots of comfy chairs, and even more good reading material.  Staff smile and welcome you by name.  The space feels vibrant, comfortable, and familiar.  It should; a public library is a reflection of its community.

A public library’s collections are driven by the interests of its patrons, it’s community.  The more diverse a community, the better the selection.  Browse through our offerings at your own pace. No agendas, no homework assignments, no ticking clock, just pure moments of relaxed browsing.  Be casual.  Savor these moments of unscripted time.  Meander through the aisles and let your fingers run over titles and your eyes roam until you find a book jacket or magazine cover that looks interesting.  Pick it up and flip through it.  If it looks promising, check it out.  Anyone who tells you not to pick a book by its cover has never experienced the wild abandon that comes from superficial browsing.  Unshackle your inhibition and prepare for the unexpected.  The best finds come when you least expect them.

Find a comfortable chair in the library.  Hunker down, prop your feet up, and open your find.  Try a few pages.  If you don't like it, stop reading and pick something else instead.  This is called pleasure reading.  It’s the opposite of required reading.  With pleasure reading, you read whatever you fancy.  Read in a library, and never worry about being judged.  Pleasure reading is the “open range” of reading styles, with no preconceived notions or social mores to fence you in or barricade your progress.  Integral to pleasure reading is the belief that there are too many good titles out there to get stuck with one that doesn't interest you.  So browse, select, and browse again.  Anything and everything is available to you at the library.  Feels indulgent doesn’t it?

Of course, if you’d like assistance, librarians are ready and waiting to help you make the most of your library time.  Looking for something specific?  Ready to read outside your comfort zone?  Excellent, we have many recommendations for you.  Consider “booking” or reserving a librarian for longer one-on-one help sessions.  Maybe you just received a new tablet or smart phone?  Book a librarian and we’ll introduce you to the world of downloadable reading.

Good reads are waiting for you at Neill Public Library.  Come see us today.

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