February 27, 2016

SLICE Article: New Girl In Town

There’s a new girl in town and she’s a doll! A sweet sixty-pound bundle of energy, curiosity and affection.  We’ve named her “Brookie” – perfect for the dog who will be accompanying us on fly fishing and canoeing adventures. She’s a quick learner and already responding to her new name.  So, my better half and I are working hard to learn how to best respond to her as she adjusts to her new life with us. Of course, all we want to do is love, love, love her, but have thankfully learned that how we show her our love is of utmost importance.

We know that by bringing her into our family, we’re making a lifetime commitment to her. And in order for all of our lives to be balanced, it is up to us to set boundaries, be consistent and share our affection. Too much of one or too little of another means an unhappy dog and yes, unhappy owners.  We all deserve the best, so we are committed to the whole process. We’re learning a lot and also being reminded of many similarities to parenting.  Love and limits, limits and love.  Having those two in balance is what every two and four-legged being needs to be able experience security and live a meaningful life.  

It’s been over ten years since a dog has been part of our little family. We've wanted one ever since our beloved beagle passed away a decade ago, but wanted to be sure we were fully ready for this big and joyous responsibility, especially since we already have two wonderful kitties. By adopting Brookie, we now have three little lives to care for – each needing our time, direction and affection.  And we also need time for the two of us.  Balance, it's all about balance.  What a journey we five are on!

So we have and continue to need lots of good information, guidance and resources to help us. We're under no illusion we are going to do it perfectly, but we are determined to do it right. Enter Neill Public Library - my home away from home - and the single best place we've found for terrific books and DVDs on everything we need to know about being responsible, caring, compassionate pet owners.  From DVDs of The Dog Whisperer to books on how to better understand the language of pets, to house training 101 - we are learning every day.

So whether there’s a pet in your future or something else that requires you to learn new things or different ways of doing things, your library is here for you.  Drop by in person, call us on the phone or send us an email.  We are ready to help you find what you need and want.

And if you come to the library, feel free to stop by my desk and take a peek at the latest addition to our family.  We think you’ll agree - Miss Brookie is pretty special!
Kathleen Ahern
Children's Librarian

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