May 18, 2016

Check Out These New Titles for Adults!

Jonathan Galassi

Galassi’s first novel, at once hilarious and tender, about the decades-long rivalry between two publishing lions, and the iconic, alluring writer who has obsessed them both. Studded with juicy details only a quintessential insider could know, written with both satiric verve and openhearted nostalgia, Muse is a brilliant, haunting book about the beguiling interplay between life and art, and the eternal romance of literature.

Rachel Vincent

From New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent comes a richly imagined, provocative new series set in the dark mythology of the Menagerie. Vincent constructs an intoxicating blend of carnival magic and startling humanity in this intricately woven and powerful tale.

Big Little Man: In Search of My Asian Self
Alex Tizon

An award-winning writer takes a groundbreaking look at the experience and psyche of the Asian-American male. First, fierce and funny observations, then a transformation and finally, Tizon’s deeply original, taboo-bending investigation turns outward, tracking the unheard stories of young Asian men today, in a landscape still complex but much changed.

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