June 01, 2016

Check Out These New Titles for Adults!

The Swede
Robert Karjel

The Swede is a riveting, intense thriller about the compromises that people – and nations – make in the name of security and survival. Karjel, a lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air Force, is the only Swedish pilot who has trained with the U.S. Marine Corps and flown its attack helicopters.  His job has taken him all over the world, from peacekeeping in Afghanistan to pirate-hunting in Somalia.

The Finder Library, Volume 1
The Finder Library, Volume 2
Carla Speed McNeil

Finder is a science fiction comic book series written, drawn, and published since 1996. McNeil describes Finder as "aboriginal science fiction" and her storylines throw together characters from recognizable aboriginal and modern urban societies in a far-future Earth.
Dark Horse Comics has recently released her work in a big, beautiful brick of a collection called The Finder Library: Volume 1 and The Finder Library:  Volume 2.  Each runs nearly 650 pages including extensive endnotes and a cover gallery. Volume 1 has three story arcs: “Sin Eater (Parts 1 & 2),” “King of the Cats,” and “Talisman.” Volume 2 includes “Dream Sequence”, “Mystery Date”, “The Rescuers” and “Five Crazy Women”.

The Gardener’s Guide to Weather and Climate
Michael Allaby

You may be at the whim of a changing climate, but you don’t have to let it ruin your garden.  Weather expert Michael Allaby comes to the rescue with practical advice on adapting your garden to create optimum plant conditions.

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