June 11, 2016

Savor Every Moment!

My grandma used to tell me the older she got the faster time seemed to fly by. I'm now in that grandma age bracket and I agree - time is racing by!

This past week our youngest daughter Lacy came for a visit, which brought the whole "time" issue to the forefront. I marveled how in two short months, she will turn thirty.  Lacy will be only three years younger than I was when I met and fell in love with her father, her and her two sisters. I don't know how that's possible.

What I do know is that throughout her visit, I was reminded that this strong, smart, kind, beautiful almost thirty-year-old woman was once that sweet, adorable, mischievous little four-year old who came into my kitchen and asked me to please make her another gorilla cheese samich (that is, a grilled cheese sandwich.)

Time is flying by. That little girl has grown up, I'm now a grandma and Lacy and her husband Bryce are expecting their first baby.  Grandpa and I couldn't be more thrilled or excited!

The process of watching them become parents has and continues to be a very moving one for my husband and me. Their journey to have a baby hasn't been an easy one for them.  Yet, through every step of the process, they have remained open, vulnerable, generous, thoughtful and present. Those same brave, tender qualities will serve them well when their baby is in their arms. When will that be?  The answer to that question is yet another "time" issue. Because their little one will come to our family through adoption, it could happen today or it could happen a year from today. It's all a matter of time and patience (another good parenting and grand-parenting virtue).

So, from this growing-old grandma to our dear daughter and son-in-law, I know your baby is already here in your hearts. Sooner than later, you two (and we four) will be delighting in their little fat toes, their tiny grasping fingers and yes, even their less than pleasant diaper changes. So here are words of wisdom shared with me a few years ago by a wonderful mama when she was at the library talking about what she realized as her children were growing up … "The days may seem long, but years are very short."

So continue to grow and find resources to help you on this amazing journey you're undertaking. I'm sure some of those resources are at your local Wichita library, just like they are here at Neill Library for the mamas and daddies in and around Pullman.

You're going to be amazing parents. I love you, your dad loves you and we're both over-the-moon-in-love with your baby who is making their way to you. Savor every moment.

 Kathleen Ahern
Children's Librarian

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