August 17, 2016

Check Out These New Titles for Adults!

by Weina Dai Randel

In the captivating sequel to The Moon in the Palace, Mei must protect her people from a murderous empress.  The second book in this stunning duology, The Empress of Bright Moon follows Mei as she struggles for power within the Emperor's palace, risking her life to dethrone the murderous Empress and establish herself as the new female ruler of China.

by Jonathan Maberry

Kill Switch is the latest book in the Joe Ledger techno-military-horror-thriller series by Jonathan Maberry.

Joe Ledger is famous, feared and loved by friends, while deeply hated by enemies. He is also part and the leader of the DMS, the shadow organization called the Department of Military Sciences, created for one sole purpose: eliminate all enemies of the country, both human and non-human (and that includes mutants, zombies, drones, catastrophic plagues and much more).

by James Hannaham
Delicious Foods is the story of Darlene, a drug-addled single mother who has taken to the streets of Houston after the horrific murder of her civil-rights promoting husband. One ill-fated night, she finds herself lured into a van to sign a contract for a job that promises a brand-new life but ultimately ends up being nothing short of modern-day slavery—a job where recruited addicts pick produce in the scorching heat, only to be paid in crack cocaine and old bologna sandwiches.

Delicious Foods is also the story of Eddie, Darlene’s abandoned son, whose shattered childhood is defined by his heartbreaking but steely quest to find his mother at any cost—even the loss of his hands.

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