September 03, 2016

A Slice of Life

Neill Public Library will replace its carpet October 23 through November 13, 2016.  After twelve years of heavy foot traffic, the flooring is worn and carpet tiles have become unglued and warped without a way to satisfactorily repair them, presenting a hazard to public safety.  Funding for this project comes from the City of Pullman and the Shirrod Family Endowment Fund. 

The scope of this project is big enough to warrant a temporary closure of the library so work can be completed safely and quickly by Shawn Cole Construction.  The toughest element by far will be wrapping and relocating over 430 segments of shelving still filled with library items.  Public computing stations will need to be disassembled and stored, along with numerous chairs, tables, file cabinets, and plants.  The heavy oak work centers used for circulation and reference will be relocated.  With few exceptions, everything that touches the library’s floor must be moved.  If this project weren’t so exciting, it would almost feel daunting.

But before any casework and furnishing can be moved, the exact location of each item must be measured and mapped to produce a layout plan.  This plan becomes an essential reference tool for the movers and staff as each item is returned to its exact place.  We are so grateful to have a cadre of ruler-toting volunteers committed to helping us create this plan, foot by foot and inch by inch. 

You can help too!  The more you borrow, the less we store.  I’d much prefer knowing library materials are being enjoyed by you and your family instead of sitting in storage.  Items checked out in October won’t be due back until after we reopen so keep what you borrow until then.  Bring your biggest sacks, backpacks, and yes, even suitcases to fill with as many items as you can carry.  Stock up on books, movies, and magazines.  Empty shelves are a sign of active minds! 

We are developing plans to offer some library programming offsite.  Children’s storytimes will move to Pullman City Hall, Grand Avenue Book Club will hold the November event at Daily Grind on Main Street, and this year’s Everybody Reads regional literacy program featuring Painted Horses by Malcom Brooks will be held at BellTower Event Venue.  Additional information will be shared as plans are solidified.

Library services extend beyond physical walls.  Use the library’s online services and keep learning!  Access to the library’s online catalog, downloadable books, Microsoft Imagine Academy, and research databases will remain available throughout the closure.  Use the catalog to place requests on titles and have these items waiting for you when our doors re-open; dive into electronic reading, selecting from over 46,000 audio and ebooks choices from the Washington Anytime Library; take online classes from Microsoft Imagine Academy and teach yourself how to code or become a Windows expert; or, just for fun, learn to speak 72 different languages using the Mango Languages database. So many options.  Let your online library quench your thirst for knowledge.

For more information about our online services or the carpet replacement project, please contact the library at (509)334-3595 or visit our website

Joanna Bailey

Director, Neill Public Library

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