January 19, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services!

by Mark Frost
Available in: Print

Written by television series co-creator Mark Frost with all the creepy weirdness of the original show, The Secret History of Twin Peaks is a collection of documents (including newspaper clippings, book excerpts, and classified FBI files) compiled by an individual known as the Archivist. Readers get the sense that the mysterious identity of the Archivist is a character well known to fans, which drives the narrative of the novel. Mark Frost does a remarkable job of intertwining real world events into the history of the town and this novel is a great multimedia experience for fans of Twin Peaks.

by Nicholas Sparks
Available in: Print, Audiobook, eBook, eAudio

In his 20th novel, Nicholas Sparks continues to demonstrate that he has mastered the art of love in a world of broken relationships.  Two by Two focuses on Russell Green, who seems to be living a dream life with a wonderful career and a great family.  However, the reader finds that not everything is as it appears and Russell must suddenly navigate the world as a single dad raising a young daughter. Sparks’ latest novel is a tumultuous story of love and tenderness, examining unconditional love in a life that does not quite go as planned. 

by Drew Magary
Available in: Print

Drew Magary’s newest novel, The Hike, is a fantasy saga that weaves together features of folk tales and video games into an unforgettable odyssey of a family man trying to make his way back home.  The Hike follows Ben after he inadvertently wanders into a parallel universe while taking a hike in rural Pennsylvania while on a business trip.  Ben encounters some of the most unexpected forms, including a wicked crustacean and a variety of magical objects, tools, and potions.  Magary’s writing is hilariously funny, heartfelt, and soul-searching and is a triumphant work of contemporary fantasy.  

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