March 01, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services!

by Dave Barry
Available in: Print, eBook

To those familiar with Barry’s writing, it might come as a surprise that his most recent book is a celebration rather than a caricature of his home state of Florida and its classic (read: kitschy) roadside attractions.  Throughout his breezy travelogue he lovingly recounts the many anecdotes that have made the state the source of many jokes and reminds us why Barry is such a renowned humorist.   

by Thomas L. Friedman
Available in: Print, CD, eBook, eAudio

Friedman’s newest book is written as a field guide on how to think about accelerations in technology, globalization, and climate change and adapt to the accompanying transformations in our work, politics, and communities.  With his trademark wit and optimism, Friedman makes a case for slowing down, pausing to appreciate these significant changes and taking the time to reimagine our future and its possibilities.

by Thomas Dolby
Available in: Print

Thomas Dolby’s memoir is an fascinating narrative of his pioneering work merging digital music with film, technology, and science and draws on his years as a “synthesized music guru” and internet geek.  The former TED Conference music director describes his experiences with a diverse cast of characters including Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, and George Lucas and reveals his struggles with record companies. Dolby’s extraordinary story is bound to appeal readers interested in the digital world’s monumental influence on music and culture.

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