March 29, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services!

by Douglas Preston
Available in: Print, eBook

Douglas Preston’s Lost City of the Monkey God reads like a suspenseful fictional adventure, but many readers will be surprised to find that this colorful story is actually a true account of Preston’s involvement in one of the great archeological discoveries of the last century. Preston’s new book details the story of the mysterious, lost city known as the “White City”, beginning with its desertion in the 16th century,  when its citizens believed it had become cursed, all the way to its re-discovery in 2015 deep in the remote Honduran rainforest. 

by Ruth Franklin
Available in: Print

Drawing on the journals, diaries, and unpublished work of this creative author, Ruth Franklin brings to light Shirley Jackson’s secret and haunting life with hostile mother, and later, a bullying and adulterous husband.  During this psychologically tumultuous period in her life, Jackson channeled her unhappiness into her stories, writing some of her most well-known works—including Haunting of Hill House. Franklin’s sympathetic biography of Jackson sheds light on the underrated genius of Shirley Jackson, resuscitated in this well-written biography.

by Meik Wiking
Available in: Print

Meik Wiking’s definitive guide to the Danish philosophy of comfort and well-being, Hygge (pronounced hue-ga), introduces readers to the foundation of Danish happiness while offering advice on how to incorporate Hygge into their own lives. Hygge is about ambiance and simple everyday experiences firmly rooted in everyday life and the author does a masterful job instructing readers on ways to embrace experiences fully, live in the moment, and appreciate the spiritual as well as the tangible benefits.

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