April 26, 2017

Check Out These New Titles In Adult Services!

by Jeff Speck

Available in: Print

A city planner by trade, author Jeff Speck has spent his career advocating for smart growth and sustainable design and has written a truly energetic and entertaining book about the compelling case for walkability in our cities.  Amply researched and well written, Speck convincingly makes the argument that great streets matter more than buildings, and more importantly, people who walk on them are far more crucial than the cars that are driven on them. 

by Mustafa Akyol

Available in: Print

Mustafa Akyol’s newest volume is an intriguing exploration of the Muslim perception of Jesus based upon Middle Eastern history and a well-developed understanding of all three Abrahamic religions.  In this fascinating bridge between Christianity and Islam, the author delves into the divide between the Christian theology developed by Paul and that developed by James and the similarities with the Quran’s theological concept of Jesus. Utilizing a conversational style, the author puts forward an invaluable review for readers interested in the intertwining history of the Muslim and Christian religions or understanding more about Islam in general.

by George W. Bush
Available in: Print

Growing out of former President George W. Bush’s ongoing work with the George W. Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative, Portraits of Courage is a compilation of 98 full-color portraits of military personnel that have served this country since September 11, 2001.  Accompanying each of the President’s paintings is a profile of each of the wounded veterans detailing how each subject dealt with setback and then mounted a recovery, highlighting their families' role in the veterans' adjustment to civilian life.

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