May 10, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services!

by Paula Hawkins
Available in: Print - eBook

From the author of the international phenomenon The Girl on the Train comes a new thriller packed with suspense.  Two women have been found dead in the river that runs through town, and their deaths dredge up old secrets. Hawkins again mines the deceptiveness of memory and emotions in this riveting book.

by Mohsin Hamid
Available in: Print – eBook – eAudio

In Exit West, Mohsin Hamid narrates the story of two migrants, Saeed and Nadia, forced to leave their country because of a raging civil war. But fleeing home- through a perilous, magical door- is only the first step in a journey that will test their love, loyalty, and courage.

by Anita Shreve
Available in: Print - eBook

Shreve’s new novel is based on the true story of the largest fire in Maine’s history. It’s 1947, and after the devastating fire, young Grace Holland is forced to learn to drive, find a job, and most importantly, find a way to care for her two children. Along the way, she discovers the power of her own resilience, along with new freedoms and joys. 

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