June 07, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services...

The Refugees
by Viet Thanh Nguyen
Available in: Print - eBook

A collection of beautiful short stories from the author of The Sympathizer, the 2016 Pulitzer Prize-winner for fiction. Nguyen explores the momentous journey of those leaving one country for another (particularly from a Vietnamese perspective), and the profound culture shocks that occur when arriving in a new land. 

All Our WrongTodays
by Elan Mastai
Available in: Print – eBook – eAudio

Tom Barren lives in a 2016 reality with flying cars, moving sidewalks, and much more- a vision of what 1950s Americans thought the world would be like today. But a freak turn of events lands him in our reality- and he’s desperate to get back to paradise. But then he discovers new versions of his family, and perhaps the love of his life- and some big decisions await.

by Elizabeth McKenzie
Available in: Print - eBook

McKenzie’s kind of weird and definitely funny novel is set in a Bay Area dominated by new money and values, but also looks at the timeless qualities we all look for in relationships. Veblen and her fiancĂ©e navigate family issues and career ambition, all while living with a very charismatic squirrel.

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