July 05, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services...

by Atticus Lish
Available in: Print 

Atticus Lish’s transcendent novel follows the paths of an American ex-soldier and a woman from a remote desert area of northwestern China and herdsmen all the way to Queens, New York.  Preparation for the Next Life evokes both the desolation and the hopefulness that immigrants have discovered coming to this country.  At its core, this is a fractured love story, as well as an honest examination of the often-overlooked immigrant experience in this country.

by Kim Stanley Robinson
Available in: Print – eBook – eAudio

Robinson’s New York 2140 is an extraordinary novel that envisions a New York City underwater—every street a canal and every skyscraper an island.  Filled with seemingly dissimilar characters that bring the drowned city to life, each individual eventually has a part to play in the metaphorical and the meteorological storms that follow.

by Graeme Simsion
Available in: Print – CD

Bursting with emotional depth and humor, Simsion’s Best of Adam Sharp is a bittersweet love story that examines long-lost love and the possibility of a second chance with the "one who got away." This literary treat about a former pianist earning that second chance with his former flame will warm your heart and leave you surprised with its incredible ending.

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