July 19, 2017

Check Out These New Titles in Adult Services...

by Claire Dederer
Available in: Print

With her well-known candor and humor, this essayist and New York Times contributor digs deep into her “libidinous past” to confront the topics of sex and aging.  Informed by her diaries from her youth, this now 44-year-old examines her motivations, her fantasies, and the choices she has made with unflinching honesty, wit, and warmth.

by Jim Al-Khalili
Available in: print

In this new anthology of short essays, a group of experts has joined forces to set out what is scientifically recognized and what is still unknown about the potential for life on other planets.  The collection, edited by physicist and Jim Al-Khalili, assesses the science of whether life is “out there”, but also includes chapters on UFOs and the psychology of alien abductees. This collection is perfect for those interested in understanding ideas about our universe and ourselves.

by Thomas Rainer and Claudia West
Available in: print

In this beautifully illustrated book, the authors make a strong case for revolutionizing garden design by breaking with tradition to create sustainable landscapes that balance beauty with environmental concerns.  Drawing on detailed graphics and examples Rainer and West advocate creating intentionally arranged plant communities that cover ground in interlocking layers.  This radical departure from traditional horticultural methods is a way to reconnect with nature that reduces chemical use, cool temperatures, and provide habitat. A must read for horticulturists and common gardeners alike. 

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